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Regel-air® window vents can be retrofitted in almost all cases.

Drafts do not occur, as the Regel-air® window rebate vents FFL react to the wind pressure acting on the building. If the wind pressure increases, the vents close automatically and drafts are prevented.

It is possible to achieve noise insulation class 4 (42 dB) with Regel-air® window vents. This does, however also depend on the quality of the windows and the glazing.

As the air exchange in the house or apartment is continuous, the humidity of the room and the walls is reduced to a low level. This effect ensures that less energy is required to heat the rooms. The reason is that dry air is easier to heat than moist air.

  • The insulating properties of the walls are improved by reducing the humidity of the walls.
  • An additional benefit is that the inflowing air is pre-heated in the window rebate by about 10 degrees Celsius.

Regel-air® ventilation systems can be retrofitted by any window fitter or carpenter. Just contact them. We will be delighted to assist you with any questions you may have.

Depending on the combination of vents, windows equipped with Regel-air® window rebate vents FFL are deemed to be airtight in accordance with DIN EN 12207. The air is directed into the rooms in a controlled manner through flaps which react to wind pressure, which close automatically as the wind increases in strength. With the PLUS and FORTE ventilation systems, the auxiliary vents can be closed manually. Air passage as well as driving rain resistance has been verified for all vents.

The Regel-air® window vents are maintenance-free and easy to clean when the window is opened. Simply wipe through the window rebate with a damp cloth when cleaning the windows.

The Regel-air® window rebate vents work through cross ventilation. To guarantee airflow in all rooms, it is recommended to fit every window in all rooms with Regel-air®. A customised ventilation concept in accordance with DIN 1946-6 can be created.

The Regel-air® FFL system is a recognised air intake element for combustion air supply. It ensures the required air intake and perfect combustion. Flue gas evacuation is also ensured through the FFL.
Please contact your chimney inspector.

The Regel-air® window rebate vents FFL are installed inconspicuously in the window rebate and are not visible from the inside or outside when the window is closed. The outside appearance of the facade also remains unchanged with the PLUS and FORTE systems. All ventilation systems are therefore also suitable for the protection of historic monuments.

Regel-air® window vents are very well suited for a combination with an exhaust air system, as they ensure the required air intake is provided. When shaft ventilation and exhaust air systems are present, they work to support them and as a reliable air intake element. Read more about the areas of applications for the Regel-air® ventilation systems.

The burglary protection of the windows is not affected.

A power supply is not required. Regel-air® window vents utilise the natural and free-of-charge forces of nature. The vents use wind pressure and gravity. Find out more about the operation of our ventilation systems, in their interaction with wind and thermal updrafts.