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Operation and fresh air routing

Regel-air® window vent – a small part with a great effect

In addition to the functional tasks of a window such as thermal insulation, driving rain resistance and noise insulation, Regel-air® window vents also contribute significantly to energy-efficient and user-independent moisture protection ventilation, which prevents construction and mould damage.


Regel-air® window vents enhance the value of windows.



Two or more individual modules are used for the automatic, two-level control of the Regel-air® window rebate vents FFL, H and H/A.

The ventilation flaps close automatically when wind speeds are higher, which prevents drafts. An additional supply with electrical energy is not required, as operation is purely mechanical.

Fresh outdoor air flows into the room interior through the Regel-air® vent modules.

Under increasing wind pressure, the ventilation flaps close automatically to prevent draughts.

The fresh outdoor air is directed into the window rebate through special frame gaskets SFG and routed to the vent modules.

With the Regel-air® H and H/A, the fresh air is fed in through small additional milled openings in the window frame and window casement.

The special sash gasket SSG is installed directly opposite the vent module.

The SSG ensures a targeted airflow. The position of the Regel-air® FFL and the SSG means that the fresh outdoor air is guided directly below the ceiling.

The Regel-air® FFL can be expanded to the PLUS ventilation system with the overlap vent OV, which is generally installed at the lower window frame sash.

Medium airflow volumes can be achieved with this combination. The OV can be operated manually and is continuously adjustable. The fresh air routing to the overlap vent also takes place through the special frame gaskets SFG.

The Regel-air® FFL can be expanded to the FORTE ventilation system with the manually controlled slide vents SV, which are screwed to the upper window frame sash.

High airflow volumes can be achieved with this combination. In contrast to the other ventilation systems, a special frame gasket SFG which is installed horizontally at the top is used to route the fresh air to the slide vent.

The pre-warming of the air in the window rebate is another advantage of the FFL vent system.

Here, the outdoor air is already pre-warmed by 10 °C when it reaches the room interior.