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Technical data

Overview of air permeability values


0.5 Pa (cross ventilation low wind) 1.0 Pa (cross ventilation strong wind) 1.5 Pa (fan-supported ventilation)
basic equipment approx. 4 m3/h approx. 6 m3/h approx. 8 m3/h
complete equipment approx. 11 m3/h approx. 17 m3/h approx. 21 m3/h
complete equipment with increased gap dimension (by 2 mm) approx. 17 m3/h approx. 26 m3/h approx. 32 m3/h



The air permeability values from the table have to be added to the air permeability values of the door undercut.


Door undercut air permeability values in accordance with DIN 1946-6

  0,5 Pa 1,0 Pa 1,5 Pa


0.23 x length (cm) x height (cm)

0.32 x length (cm) x height (cm)

0.4 x length (cm) x height (cm)